This is a hobby site covering recumbent cycles (Zox low (2000 - 2012), Flux V220 (since 2001), Pshley PDQ (1998 - 2012)) and trikes (Hase Kettwiesel (2002 - 2008 and newer one ("Tour") since 2008), ICE Vortex (since 2012)), computing (esp. Linux) and the WohnSinn housing project.


"Lie back, put your feet up, and enjoy the view."

photo of ICE Vortex recumbent trike

The ICE Vortex 2012: a fast, (relatively) light, recumbent trike, for day rides.

my Hase Kettwiesel Tour recumbent

May 2008: bought a new Hase Kettwiesel Tour recumbent trike: disc brakes, 21 speed... It is currently my commuter and mid-week/bad weather training ride.

Thorn short crankset Experiences of using short, 140mm, cranks.

photo of me and Fiona on my Flux V220
recumbent The Flux V220 is a very stable recumbent that I *was* using for all my around town commuting and child trailer towing when the kids were younger.

Now used only occasionally for shopping trips, and leisure rides with the family.

photo of my ZOX 20 lowracer recumbent

The ZOX 20 Z-frame lowracer is a recumbent bike most noticeable for it's very low seat height (9.8inch / 25cm) for improved aerodynamics. Fast, but not as user-friendly as the PDQ. (AKA Zox20z, Zox 20z, Zox Lowracer, Zox Tieflieger). Now retired in favour of the Vortex trike !

photo of my PDQ SWB recumbent The Pashley PDQ was my first recumbent but has now been dismantled :-( to build my ZOX 20 :-))

photo of Hase Kettwiesel recumbent
trike This Hase Kettwiesel was my first recumbent trike. I bought it mainly for winter use and the possible addition of a fairing for wet/cold weather protection, but I have now ridden it every day for my daily commute, whatever the weather, since March 2003.

It is fun and very relaxing to ride, but when I am in the mood it is also fast (with it's stiff frame and no active suspension).

FAQ: Can car drivers see you when you are so low down ?

Answer: Yes; in my experience of daily commuting for over 11 years on recumbents the seat height of recumbents is not a problem. Problems only arise from drivers who do not even *look* in your direction, so you need to be aware whatever kind/height of bike you are riding, recumbent or upright.

Other bikes

Summary of my other bikes / trailers: (current: Chariot Chauffeur child trailer, Pashley/Moulton APB, and 2 Harry Hall cycles (touring and sport), previous: Ridgeback 501 mountain bike, Dawes Galaxy, Carlton Corsa.)

Cycle photo albums: ZOXes, velomobiles, historic recumbents, alternative transmission systems...


Model of the WohnSinn Flats We live in the WohnSinn passive energy building of 39 flats in Kranichstein, near Darmstadt, Germany.

This page contains some information about the co-housing co-op that built and now runs it, our aims and motivations, and about the passive energy building itself.

And there are a few photo albums of WohnSinn here.


Minolta DiMage A1

Photo albums: Lake District (England) / family / bikes / WohnSinn


Garmin Edge 800 Garmin Forerunner 920XT Garmin GPSMAP64s

GPS devices: Garmin Forerunner 920XT, Edge 800 and GPSMAP64s and QMapShack

misc Linux/Computing stuff

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