Pendle Tandem Roofrack

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This is quick page about how I carried my Flux V220 CLWB recumbent on a car roof rack. It is also possibly also relevant to other CLWBs or LWBs.

Much as I disapprove of putting a bike on a car roof I did it with my Flux once :-) Prompted by a question in a German Recumbent Forum Liegerad Forum. I posted a response in my rather poor German.

For posterity (and future Googlers) below is a copy in German and English. (Next time I do it I will take a photo of the bike in-situ.)

(The pictured roof rack is designed to fit on a standard "ladder-rack".)


I have a tandem car roof rack for my Flux V220. It is old (the carrier), but looks like this one: Pendle Tandem roof-rack (photo above).

German / Deutsch

Als Antwort auf: Autodachfahrradträger für Flux V220 geschrieben von Michaela am 12. Juli 2003 16:54:38:

>habt Ihr das Rad schon mal auf dem Autodach transportiert?

Ich habbe eine *Tandem* Autodach Träger fuer meine Flux V220. Es ist alt (die Träger) aber ist wie: Pendle Tandem roofrack

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