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Garmin Edge 305 GPS

Functionality: Primarily an exhanced cycle computer, fitness/training device. It provides the usual cycle computer functions (speed (current/max/av), distance, time, etc) but also route following, but NOT mapping. In the data is recorded for later download to your PC.

You can also cycle against a "Training Partner", a recording of a previous passage over the same route, where the display shows your relative positions.

I also bought the cadence and heart rate sensors and so the device showed the current and average values of them.

The displays are customisable to show the values you are most interested in (up to 8 on the main screen).

Fitting to bike

Fitting is designed for upright bikes, but I fitted it to 2 recumbents: Kettwiesel recumbent trike and Zox 20 Lowracer.

On bike usage

to come. Locking on. Viewing values. Following a route. In the dark. Charge life. Menu usage.

Over to the PC

The included software is not for Linux, I tried running ut using WINE, but without much success.

The main stay for USB device interface is GPSbabel. The first thing I did was get this working, so at least I could download my tracks before they were overwritten on the Edge.

I tried lots of software...(expand later)

Download from device to PC


(Also, IIRC, there is a GUI front-end.)

DATE="`date +%y%m%d`"

echo "Get all Training Centre data to: ${FILE} ..."
gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f ${DEVICE} -o gtrnctr -F ${FILE}

echo "Get all               Tracks to: ${FILE} ..."
gpsbabel -t -i garmin -f ${DEVICE} -o gpx -F ${FILE}

echo "Get all               Routes to: ${FILE} ..."
gpsbabel -r -i garmin -f ${DEVICE} -o gpx -F ${FILE}

echo "Get all            Waypoints to: ${FILE} ..."
gpsbabel -w -i garmin -f ${DEVICE} -o gpx -F ${FILE}

Course vs Activity

By default the above dowloads the Training Center format as a "Course". If you want an "Activity" then use "gtrnctr,course=no". At the time of writing (October 2012) I was using Courses happily with RideGPS but Strava does not support this, only Activities. To convert Course to Activity:
gpsbabel -i gtrnctr -f myFile-crs.tcx -o gtrnctr,course=no -F myFile-act.tcx

Simplify a track

To "simplify" a track, before uploading (reduces the number of points/size of file by smoothing out the track:

gpsbabel -r -i gpx -f $FILE -x simplify,count=100 -o garmin -F $DEVICE

Upload from PC to device


gpsbabel -r -i gpx -f $IN_FILE -x simplify,count=100 -o gpx -F $OUT_FILE

Viewing Results on PC

Best so far: MyTourbook

Viewing Results on the web

October: there are now many websites to support GPS, and include sharing and communities. I have used the following, both of which have free versions (which I use). (Either you can upload directly from your device via a web browser, or from files stored on your PC (eg GPX or TCX formats).

Route planning

paper maps + QLandkarte GT

If you want to take a track you have done and want to edit it for a new route (e.g. to make your training route longer) to follow these instructions (it is not obvious just from using the GUI !!) QLandkarte GT Wiki: Edit a Track but convert to a "Route" to get a format that the Edge will recognise and Export it: do not Save it. Also before importing the old track "simplify" it first.

Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210: mounts as a USB stick without problems to: get activity files (.FIT), put routes onto device and put firmware updates on.

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