Garmin Forerunner 920XT


Mounts OK as a USB stick without problems to: get activity files (.FIT) and put firmware updates on.

As far as I can see you need Windows/Mac to setup the wifi (one-off).

Loading Courses to follow

One reason for my choosing this device is that you can follow a breadcrumb trail on it: useful for new routes, esp. on holidays ! But Garmin seem to have made it harder: you can use the Garmin Connect website, but I used (actual follow not tested yet !):

Plan route using QMapShack

Install QMapShack (not the easiest tool to use, but *very* powerful once you have worked it out !)
  1. plan route
  2. add some fake timestamps (Edit, Change timestamp..., set a fake start time and speed) (else Garmin Connect will reject it))
  3. save as GPX to your harddrive: select the *Project* (not the route), R-click and save as GPX 1.1

Create Course on Garmin Connect website

(details may vary if Garmin update their website !)
  1. go to Garmin Connect and sign-up and/or -in
  2. manually import your saved GPX file
  3. rename the new Activity to something short (this will appear on the GPS device screen)
  4. Save as Course (option on "gear wheel")
  5. optional: Delete this fake Activity
  6. go to Courses page
  7. select your course
  8. "View Details", "Send to Device" -> should now appear in Transfer Tray (icon with 2 opposing arrows)

Transfer Course to GPS device

e.g. for Forerunner 920XT:
  1. unlock device
  2. hold down Menu button, "Connect to Wi-Fi" and hopefully your course will transfer
  3. Menu / Navigation / Courses / hopefully you will see your course.

Loading Courses to follow (tablet/bluetooth)

TO DO: started experimenting with planning a course in Nexus 7 using OsmAND and then using Bluetooth transfer direct to 920XT (IIRC it is best to pair from within Garmin Connect app).

Garmin GPSMAP64s


Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210: mounts as a USB stick without problems to: get activity files (.FIT), put routes onto device and put firmware updates on.

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