Garmin Forerunner 920XT


Mounts OK as a USB stick without problems to: get activity files (.FIT) and put firmware updates on.

As far as I can see you need Windows/Mac to setup the wifi (one-off).

Loading Courses to follow

One reason for my choosing this device is that you can follow a breadcrumb trail on it: useful for new routes, esp. on holidays ! But Garmin seem to have made it harder: you can use the Garmin Connect website, but I used (actual follow not tested yet !):

Plan route using QMapShack

Install QMapShack (not the easiest tool to use, but *very* powerful once you have worked it out !)
  1. plan route
  2. add some fake timestamps (Edit, Change timestamp..., set a fake start time and speed) (else Garmin Connect will reject it))
  3. save as GPX to your harddrive: select the *Project* (not the route), R-click and save as GPX 1.1
  4. (if Connect Import fails may need to edit to 1 segment and/or fix timestamps: gpsbabel -i gpx -f in.gpx -x track,faketime=20100506060000+5 -o gpx -F out.gpx)

Create Course on Garmin Connect website

(details may vary if Garmin update their website !)
  1. go to Garmin Connect and sign-up and/or -in
  2. manually import your saved GPX file
  3. rename the new Activity to something short (this will appear on the GPS device screen)
  4. optional: Save as Course (option on "gear wheel") / else send-to-device on "gear wheel"
  5. optional: Delete this fake Activity (option on "gear wheel")
  6. go to Training / Courses page
  7. select your course
  8. "View Details", "Send to Device" -> should now appear in Transfer Tray (icon with 2 opposing arrows) (may *also* return error trying to connect directly to device))

Transfer Course to GPS device

e.g. for Forerunner 920XT:
  1. unlock device
  2. hold down Menu button, "Connect to Wi-Fi" and hopefully your course will transfer
  3. Menu / Navigation / Courses / hopefully you will see your course.

Loading Courses to follow (tablet/bluetooth)

TO DO: started experimenting with planning a course in Nexus 7 using OsmAND and then using Bluetooth transfer direct to 920XT (IIRC it is best to pair from within Garmin Connect app).

Garmin GPSMAP64s


Garmin Forerunner 210

Garmin Forerunner 210: mounts as a USB stick without problems to: get activity files (.FIT), put routes onto device and put firmware updates on.

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