Pedalkraft photo of Hase Kettwiesel with Streamer Fairing

Hase Kettwiesel Fairing ideas page

A quick page on my ideas for a possible fairing for my Hase Kettwiesel recumbent trike.

Introduction (Dec 2002)


Commercial fairings

Current idea

February 2004: Ideas from the Sinclair C5

Sinclair C5 in wet weather studio (For those not familiar with the Sinclair C5 it is (was) an electro-assist trike produced briefly in the UK in the mid-80s. It was/is the butt of many jokes, but most of these can be seen as a typical reaction of a conservative/car-centric culture (uncool, dangerous, slow...). For a positive view see Sinclair C5 Enthusiasts or summary photos at my photo album page Sinclair C5)

This fairing design itself has many aspects that appeal to me: most of the time you have a minimum front fairing, then in cold/wet weather you add the fabric side panels to better protect the feet/lower legs, and in the rain you add the cape/hood section. (The C5 itself is too little bike for me !)

October 2004: More searching

Pros and Cons

These are of course mostly subjective, and some apply to all fairings:



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