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February 2012: back to the Zox !!

Move the parts back to the ZOX for a more fun/fast ride !.

April 2011: New season / new gears

I am currently training on the Kett Tuesdays and Thursdays, and the PDQ at weekends, aiming again for 100 miles at 15 mph which I am confident I will hit before the summer.

Most of the time the original 12-28 7-speed Sachs cassette was OK, but at other times I wished for closer gears. After receiving a very helpful reply from CTC's Chris Juden on the CTC Forum I took my pick of the available and got a 13-21 Shimano cassette for only Eur14. This combines with a double chainring and the 3x7 to give 2 ranges of gears 30-91 and 23-68 gear-inches.
my PDQ cadence sensor mount

March 2011: Tweaking

Having decided that the handlebar height is good for me shorten all 4 brake and gear cables so that they are just the right length, reducing the loop forwards. Also replace long armed mirror on bars with short armed version in handlebar end.

Also remove badly fitting pannier rack and fit the original PDQ daybag (see photo at top). Also fit Garmin cadence sensor on crude mount (see fuzzy photo right). Better ideas welcome, but it works fine.

August/September 2010: Regular riding

After Kett seat frame breaks ride the PDQ everyday to work and do all training rides on it. Fun, but not as relaxing as on 3 wheels !! Back to Kett for commuting when new seat arrives and fitted.

August 2010: Fit short cranks

Fit 140mm Thorn short cranks and lower handlbars as my legs do not come up as high now on each pedal stroke.

June 2010: More riding

With winter weather gone do some rides on PDQ as part of my training programme (link), including a metric-century 66 miles at 15.2mph (110km at 24.5kph) (a month earlier I did the same ride on the Kett at 13.1mph (21.0kph))

The Kettwiesel is still great for the daily commute/training rides, especially in bad weather, but I like also having a faster ride too !
my PDQ handlebars

April 2010: Revival

Move the parts back to the PDQ from the ZOX for a bike that is more practical to ride to work before using on training ride back home again.

First impressions after rebuild: does not feel quite as fast as the Zox and not as safe a feeling as the Kett in bad weather (!!) but it is a good compromise for my current intended use.

October 2003: PDQ dropped by Pashley

The PDQ seems to have been dropped from the Pashley website (I heard they had a big order for their postie-bikes and so dropped some other models).

August 2000: Move to Zox

In search of more of a thrill, and following a test ride at the SPEZI, dismantle the PDQ to use the parts on my ZOX 20 Lowracer. (I bought a ZOX 20 frame kit and seat and transferred the wheels, transmission and brakes from the PDQ.)

June 1998: Bought

After much research on the Internet, and reading a 3-way review in Cycling Plus June 1997 (Dawes Low Rider vs Pashley PDQ vs Speed Ross) I bought my PDQ mail-order from the excellent UK shop St John Street Cycles. Assembled and learn to ride in local park.

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