ZOXed: Cycling Plus June 1997 Recumbents Review: scans

Summary: Test review of 3 recumbents: Dawes Low Rider vs Pashley PDQ vs Speed Ross.
Titled: "How Low Can They Go" by Richard Grigsby.
Published: in the UK monthly cycling magazine "Cycling Plus".
The magazine is still going but the 3 recumbents are long since discontinued ! (I am not sure about Mr Grigsby's whereabouts !)

Click image for a large view (1.1 to 1.3 MB each).

Cplus_June97_3bents_pg0 Cplus_June97_3bents_pg1
Cplus_June97_3bents_pg2 Cplus_June97_3bents_pg3 Cplus_June97_3bents_pg4 Cplus_June97_3bents_pg5

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