Spezi Cycle Show, 2005

The new Zox Ketty: recumbent bikes for kids

I spotted these two new bikes at the Spezi: the first 2 (blue) show the larger bike: for reference the rider is an averaged size 8 year old, and I think the seat was at it's furthest forward and with quite a bit of travel backwards. Price (IIRC) Eur 1250. The second one is smaller !!. No photos yet (24/04/05) on the ZOX website.

Update April 2006: the Kettybike now has it's own page: Kettybike.

"Gimmick", KMX and Banana Trikes

Clear favourite with my 2 kids was the Dutch Gimmick trike which I notice now is 'only' Eur 400, but no brakes and only 1 gear. (Photos: Fiona then Lucas on the Gimmick, then Lucas on a KMX, then someone else on a "Banana Bike".)

All photos Copyright Simon Kellett

(For more information on the range of kids recumbents available, check out Mark Stonich's page of photos and links Kid Sized Recumbents.)
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