Quick Product Reviews (old now)

Some short reviews. Not scientific, and problems could be unit specific, or operator error ! Mostly covers products I either had problems with, or *particularly* like and would like to recommend.

(This page is a quick, first pass.)

Sharp Aquos P series (LC-26P50E) 26inch LCD TV

More to come.

Digitus DA-70305-1 Card Reader (0DDA:2027), 16-in-1

Nice that it can be used both internally or externally, but under Linux it would die quite easily: the power light goes out and cards can not be mounted. I now use it externally, just plugging it into my keyboard USB socket when required.

Additional problem is that a CF card can get pushed right inside the unit if you are not careful. But when it is used externally you can easily shake it out again !!.

Philips CDRW1610A CD burner

Loud compared with my original (cheap) CD-ROM drive and compared with my new DVD/CD burner. Could not get Windows 98 to recognise it, does not support DAO, died after little use, but quite sometime after it was bought (see my various other fixes for linux page.)

Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 Linux base PDA

Incredibly sharp (no pun intended !) screen, solidly made and nice keyboard. Linux brings lots of flexibility and customisation options. I am very happy with it, even though I have only had the time to scratch the surface of what is possible with it. Expensive ?

But not the product if you just want a basic, "point-and-shoot" PDA.

See my Sharp Zaurus SL-C3000 page.

Philips DVD-612 DVD player

My first DVD player, basic and cheap model but serving me very well since 200? despite quite heavy? usage (probably averages 1 film per night, every night for ? years.)

Passive Energy House

In September 2003 we moved into a flat in low-rise block of 39 flats/maisonettes, amongst a certain amount of cynicism from people we spoke to that a flat/house does not need any additional heating. The warmth is provided by: good insulation, keeping the warmth produced inside (from people/equipment) on the inside by good draught proofing combined with a fresh air/heat exchanger system and by solar heat entering though the large, triple glazed windows. (But there is a small bathroom radiator and also an air pre-heater in the heat exchanger which we have never used yet)

Result: yes, it does work. Despite prolonged sub-zero temperatures outside the inside temperature has never dropped below 18 degrees, and is usually 19-20 degrees through the winter. An additional bonus is the thick walls, and triple-glazed windows block a lot of the outside noise. But in summer you do need to keep the sun off those large windows !!

See my Wohnsinn page.

Minolta Dimage A1 digital camera

Nice pictures, nice hold and to use. Lots of features (I am slowly learning !), but can be used on fully automatic to do snaps. I like the manual abilities: full manual override for exposure and focus, manual zoom and manual pop-up of flash unit.

(For use with Linux see my Minolta Dimage A1 page.)

ZOX 20 Lowracer

Very stable lowracer: see my ZOX 20 page. A great "Sunday Racer" !!

Hase Kettwiesel

Very nice delta trike: see my Hase Kettwiesel page. My main commuter bike for 3 years now, fast and stable, cheap (for a recumbent trike).
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