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WohnSinn: 39 Passive Energy Flats

A quick guide to the housing project where we live in Germany. It is situated on the new Kranichstein K6.1 building estate in Darmstadt, just south of Frankfurt, Germany). The project is called WohnSinn (Bau- Und Wohngenossenschaft Wohnsinn). "WohnSinn" can be translated as "Sense of Living".

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April 2020

Still living here, K6 are now v. nearly complete, and most (but not all) wild parking stopped.

June 2016

Still living here, and still loving the warm, draught and damp free accommodation ! (pictures on this page looking a bit old now: our garden area, and K6 are much more mature now)

Most of the K6 roads/pavements have now got their final surface, and lots of trees have appeared, but 'wild' parking still persists :-(

Picture above is well out of date: grounds are much greener and overgrown now !

June 2010

Darmstadter Echo article on WohnArt3.

August 2009

Solar electric panels now covering the roofs of Wohnsinn 1 and 2.

December 2008

Long article in New York Times on a passive energy house in K6.

March 2007

development plans (large PDF) have been posted on Leben in K6 ("life in K6") covering the councils plans for trees, road layout etc for the K6 estate.

August 2006

I see that WohnArt 3 now has its own website.

19th September 2005

HR3 program aired: longer then expected (?mins) HR3: Wohnsinn - Service: Familie.

7th September 2005

German regional TV station HR3 here to film a 5 minute slot for service: familie.

July 2005

Found this summary of WohnArt 3.

March 2005

And then comes "WohnArt 3", see WohnSinn or try this direct link.

August 2004

I just noticed the Darmstadt City Planning Dept. now have some pages on the area: Kranichstein K6.1 with lots of photos, links to project websites etc.

January 2004

All the flats at WohnSinn where taken before building started, but "WohnSinn 2" is currently being organised to extend the building of Wohnsinn 1 down both wings (but leaving the "U" shape open at the end). For more information (in German) see WohnSinn or try this direct link.

My interest

We (family of 4) live in one of the maisonettes in this block of 39 flats. I think that the correct description of the project in English would be as a "co-housing" project (a type of "Intentional Community"). There are shared areas (a function room/kitchen/conservatory, gardens, roof terrace, workshop, office...) but all the flats are self-contained accommodation and private (see overview).

December 2003: The tram has started running now: 200m from our door, trams into town every 7.5 minutes and except for the wee small hours, every 15 minutes. And half the trams go direct to the main Darmstadt railway station.

23rd January 2004: There has recently been some very (for Darmstadt) cold weather, well below zero in the night and some snow. But inside the flats have remained warm, a steady 19 to 20 degrees C with no additional heating :-)

And it is so quiet: the triple glazed windows and thick walls cut out so much noise !! And the kids can run around outside, and play with the other kids...

Overview of the WohnSinn Project

Aims: Location: Design: Heating:

The building is mostly heated by passive energy, i.e. without a boiler/radiators (also see Wikipedia: Passive Solar.)

Ecological features: Organisational aspects: Ownership / costs:

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WohnSinn 2005

Overview of the K6.1 area

Section to come: Agenda 21, "green backbone", 700 units, carfree (theoretically, although this is still (end 2009) NOT the case) (carparking to be provided at edges of area).

Good summary here Kranichstein SW K 6.1 from the Darmstadt City Planning Dept.

Links / References (in German only unless stated)

WohnSinn: The Darmstadt City Planning Dept. now have some pages on K6 (May 2004 onwards): Kranichstein: Other projects on same estate (K6): Other projects near Darmstadt: