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Hase Kettwiesel Recumbent Trike


This page is about the Hase Kettwiesel recumbent trike that I bought primarily for winter riding round town.

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The Hase Kettwiesel is a German recumbent trike with the following main features;

What I was looking for (and found !!) when I bought this trike;

Pros and Cons

Many of these are of course subjective:


Hase Kettwiesel stored upright


Hase/Radical rear bag

Interbike 2003

Kettwiesel at Interbike 2003 This photo from Sheldon Brown was taken at Interbike. I am not sure if this is the latest Kettwiesel design, or a prototype (as usual there is no info at the Hase website).

Existing new features (seen before) (compared to mine !!):

Features that I have not seen before:

Spezi 2004

I missed the Spezi this year but notice that Hase have updated their website to include the new titanium model (costs a fortune but weighs only a claimed 11.7 kg). I also see they are now offering the Rohloff 14 or Shimano 8 speed hub gears on the Kettwiesel via an intermediate drive at the rear. From the photos it seems to bolt on the inside end of one of the axles and onto the disk brake mount, so may even be possible to retrofit it to an existing Kettwiesel !!

Eurobike 2004

Hase have a new trike the Kettwiesel Ride designed to be used offroad with a differential, suspension forks, wide rims and tyres, and some strengthening around the wheel area. And with a Rohloff 14 option (also see story and pictures at VeloVision.)

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