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WohnSinn: Background and Concept (from WohnSinn website)

This page is a rough translation of some of the concept description on the official website at WohnSinn, which is all in German.

Although I am a native English speaker my German is not so good, but this section should give you a flavour of the project. (I realise that some of the English is bad but do not know what to replace it with !!!)

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Who we are ("Über Uns / wer wir sind")

Our social goals ("Über Uns / unser Ziele / Unsere sozialen Ziele")

Our ecological goals ("Über Uns / unser Ziele / Unsere ökologischen Ziele")

The Building Project ("Project K6 / das Wohnprojekt")

What is a passive house ? ("Project K6 / das Passivhaus")

An example of a 5 room maisonette (Flat 16) ("die Wohnungen / Wohnungsbeschreibung")

This 146 square meter maisonette is a corner flat at the southern end of the west wing. The entrance is on the 2nd floor over the western stairway and/or via the elevator in the eastern stairwell. The 2 floors of the maisonette are connected by interior stairs. Also included is a large roof terrace.

Current price calculation ("die Wohnungen / Wohnungsbeschreibung / Wohnungspreis (derzeitige Kostenkalkulation)")


If you would like to live with us

What does WohnSinn cost ?

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